Scientiae libertas | Knowledge is freedom

Join our teachers in a dynamic classroom where every student shines.

Students and teachers should be free to create and develop in an environment that fits each child’s needs. We meet every child right where they are at to jumpstart their journey to independence and lifelong, joyful learning.

Now enrolling K-6

Limited spots available for 2022-2023

Small class sizes and low student teacher-ratios ensure a customized program for every student.

Notes From Our Teacher’s Desk

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This Belongs to You!

Letting Children Take Control of Their Education By Heather Lee Schroeder Almost certainly, every child will hit a wall at some point in their educational journey and begin to feel like completing their schoolwork is too difficult. This is when we parents, in cooperation with our child’s teacher(s), need to both warmly encourage and holdContinue reading “This Belongs to You!”

Soft Landings: Community Building at the Start of the School Year

By Rachel Hill Classroom communities are dynamic and complex. They need to be deliberately built and cultivated throughout the school year. A healthy classroom community includes students and teachers who show respect for themselves, each other, and the space around them, which leads to a happier, less stressed learning environment. This deliberate focus on theContinue reading Soft Landings: Community Building at the Start of the School Year

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Mixed-age classrooms
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Diverse community
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Alternatives to standardized testing
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AfterSchool learning

Safety Protocols

We are Covid-aware & offer a common-sense, science-informed approach to your health and safety.

Masks, social distancing, air filtration, and cleaning practices will continue.

“Many children with asynchronous learning needs do not have their emotional and social needs addressed within a traditional school setting.”

– Heather schroeder, kiS co-founder

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