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Intermittent observations, advice, philosophical musings, & educational strategies from a modern one-room schoolhouse.

Our school, and thus this blog, focuses on the philosophy of transforming education, one useful strategy at a time. We are a modern one-room, mixed-age schoolhouse, using a student-focused educational format. We value flexibility, transparency, and compassion in our classroom. If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

Latest Posts

The Reading Riot

By Rachel Hill One of the primary goals at KiS is to help our students feel engaged, challenged, and supported wherever they are developmentally, which is why a mixed-age educational model works so well for us. Children grow and learn at different rates, and it is important to make each student’s academic journey as unique…

Play-based Learning: Can We Make a Game for This?

By Rachel Hill After stumbling across the book, The Playful Classroom by Jed Dearybury and Julie Jones, I was immediately consumed by the idea of play-based learning in the classroom. This educational framework quickly became an important professional development focus for this school year.  Games as a teaching tool is not a new concept to…

This Belongs to You!

Letting Children Take Control of Their Education By Heather Lee Schroeder Almost certainly, every child will hit a wall at some point in their educational journey and begin to feel like completing their schoolwork is too difficult. This is when we parents, in cooperation with our child’s teacher(s), need to both warmly encourage and hold…

Soft Landings: Community Building at the Start of the School Year

By Rachel Hill Classroom communities are dynamic and complex. They need to be deliberately built and cultivated throughout the school year. A healthy classroom community includes students and teachers who show respect for themselves, each other, and the space around them, which leads to a happier, less stressed learning environment. This deliberate focus on the…


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