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Our in-school collection, as well as our many databases and online resources will help you complete investigations into topics that interest you and take you on many reading adventures.

Parents, contact the teacher for at-home access codes and passwords.

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Miss Rachel’s

In August, Miss Rachel recommends We Don’t Eat Our Classmates.

Peer Pick!

In August, Theo recommends American Born Chinese, a graphic novel about Chinese legends. He says the legends are exciting.

Search Engines
Fact Monster

Beginner searchers will like Fact Monster’s easy-to-use search engine.


Advanced searchers and newshounds will find InfoPlease a helpful resource for web-based searches.

How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works offers an award-winning source of unbiased, reliable, easy-to-understand answers and explanations of how the world actually works.

News & Current Events
New York Times: Current Events

What’s happening today? Find out at one of the leading newspapers in the country.

Dogo News

Read about current events and become aware of global issues by reading news stories.

Time for Kids

Read the latest global news from America’s trusted news magazine.

CNN 10: News Explained in 10 Minutes

Ten-minute videos explaining the news. Other interesting stories too!

News for Kids

Real news stories written for kids.

Science Journal for Kids & Teens

Hundreds of free scientific articles. Written for kids. Approved by scientists.


Learn about our environment and the changing climate and learn new ways to take action.

Dictionary & Thesaurus

Use this trusted online dictionary and thesaurus to look up words.

Britannica Kids

There are four levels. Start with the Kids (up to Grade 5) level and move up or down from there.

World Book Kids

An online encyclopedia for curious kids. It includes a handy dictionary for looking up vocabulary words!

DK Find Out!

Explore the world of facts in this online encyclopedia.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids offers an online encyclopedia of interesting facts about science, animals, the world, and more.

The Why Files

This archive of stories discusses the science behind the news.The online magazine was published for 20 years, so there’s a lot of interesting material here.



This large e-book collection has a range of books. Try searching for specific authors or titles with which you are already familiar. Talk to your classroom teacher about login information.


This science encyclopedia offers a ton of reading about your favorite science topics.


This ebook collection serves up true stories about history, people, and science.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg’s Children’s Bookshelf offers thousands of free ebooks for kids.

Unite for Literacy

This literacy-focused ebook collection offers a wide range of books designed to inspire young readers.

Book Reviews & Lists


Biblionasium is the kid-safe version of Good Reads. Find out what other kids think of books you’ve read. Check with your teacher for our class code.

No Flying No Tights

No Flying No Tights offers thoughtful reviews of graphic novels and comics.

Series & Sequels List

Mid-Continent Public Library offers lists of series and sequels for young readers. Organized in severals ways, this is a wonderful place to start your search for a new book.

Reading Rockets

The Reading Rockets Book Finder allows parents to search for reading choices for their young readers.

Common Sense Media

This site offers age-appropriate book, game, and media recommendations for parents.

American Library Association Reading Lists

The American Library Association offers reading lists around themes and reading interests. The children’s reading lists include high-quality choices for every reader.

Read-Aloud Sites

Storyline Online

Storyline Online streams videos featuring famous actors reading books aloud. Enjoy a story read by your favorite celebrity!

Story Time with the Garden

This YouTube playlist from the Missouri Botanical Garden includes delightful stories about gardens and nature read aloud.

Math & Science Resources

Create a Graph
Dare to Compare
Math Teaser

The National Center for Education Statistics offers several math-related tools for students. Try them out!

colorful liquids in laboratory glasswares
Periodic Table

Study the periodic table in a variety of formats.

What’s It Like Where You Live?

Learn about plant biology from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Biology of Plants

Learn about plant biology from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

close up shot of paper kite butterfly perching on red flowers
Butterfly School

Learn about butterflies from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Oz Fossils

Learn about dinosaurs in Australia.

History & Government Resources

Ben’s Guide the U.S. Government

Test your knowledge and learn new facts about the United States government. (Created by the Government Publishing Office.)

America’s Story

Learn key stories about U.S. history in this site created by the Library of Congress.


Learn about how the government works using games and challenges.

abraham lincolcn statue
Civil War History (DK Find Out!)

Learn about the history of the Civil War.


Learn about the history of the United States on this site.

First World

Learn about the history of the World War I through multimedia materials.

blue and brown egyptian coffin
Write Your Name in Hieroglyphs

Translate your name into hieroglyphs.

Maps & Mapmaking

YouTube: Mapmaking Tutorial

Learn more about mapmaking and map components.

close up of globe
Map & Globe (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Read the definition of maps and globes.

map of the world book laid open on brown wooden surface
Find the Change Game

Can you spot the change on the map? Test your ability to read maps and understand them.

close up of pictures
Test Your Memory

Play a memory game with a twist: the paired images are a before and after of a landscape changed by weather or natural disaster. Tricky!

Online Museums


Visit America’s most important museum collections online. Art, history, science, space, the African American experience, and more are at the click of mouse!

Museum of the World

The British Museum presents an interactive tool to examine world history.

Local Libraries

Knox County Public Library

Your local public library’s collection offers the biggest selection of free ebooks. Access the books from your desktop or laptop on Overdrive, and from your tablet or smartphone at Libby.

Blount County Public Library

Your local public library’s collection offers the biggest selection of free ebooks. Access the books from your desktop or laptop on Overdrive, and from your tablet or smartphone at Libby.

Parent Resources

Little Free Library

Learn more about the world’s largest book sharing movement.

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