Summer Program

Summer Learning Program

K through 5th grade summer camp with an educational twist


$150 week, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m.*

All standard KSPE COVID-safety protocols will be followed during the Summer Learning Program. See our Safety Protocols to understand our school’s commitment to your child’s wellbeing and safety.

*Note schedule for holiday closures.


May 31-June 4: Insects! (Holiday: May 31)
Students will become junior entomologists and learn about native insect species: their benefits to the environment, their life cycles, and other amazing facts. Hands on activities will include building a temporary insect habitat and observing and recording insect activity.

June 7-11: Graphic Novels
Some people call them comic books, but graphic novels are an important part of the reading landscape. Students will learn more about the genre and build their own graphic novels, from idea to finished product.

June 14-18: Photography
Students will become junior photographers this week, learning about photography history and basics of the craft. They will build their own pinhole cameras to capture the world around them.

June 21-25: Mapmaking
Students will learn about geography and navigation through the hands-on work of mapmaking. They will end the week with finished maps of important places in the world around them.

June 28-July 2: Radios & Technology (Holiday: July 1-2)
Students will learn the basics about amatuer radios, including appropriate on-air etiquette, the basics of radio technology, and a crash-course in other related technologies. Hands-on activities will include using an amatuer radio under the supervision of their instructor.

July 5-9: Solving Crimes
Fabulous diamonds have been stolen, and students must become amateur detectives to solve this tricky crime. From fingerprint analysis to basic chemistry, they will learn how real-life detectives solve crimes.

July 12-16: Travel to France
This French-immersion week will allow students to learn about key destinations in France, planning a trip to their chosen locale, budgeting their money and planning their time. The Friday capstone will be a celebration of French culture. Bon voyage!

July 19-23: Dead Things
Students will learn about a key part of the life cycle of living creatures: death. In addition, students will learn about archeology and the study of cultures through the remains of humans, animals, and cultural objects. Activities include dissecting several creatures and learning about ancient Egyptian culture by mummifying a fish.

July 26-30: Run an Animal Shelter
Students will be tasked with setting up an animal shelter, learning about animal care, the need for shelters, and real-world skills such as budgeting and planning. They will adopt a (stuffed) animal from their shelter, and meet live animals that have benefited from the adoption process.

Aug 2-6: Theater
Students will be immersed in the bright lights of the theater as they plan and perform their own mini-production.

Aug 9-13: Sign Making
This hands-on arts and crafts week offers students the opportunity to learn about signs and their importance. From creating basic signage to helping plan and sew a banner, the students will gain plenty of hands-on experience producing their own signs.


KSPE’s Summer Learning Program offers hands-on, secular education in a welcoming and diverse environment. Students will engage in learning experiences that intertwine all disciplines in playful, hands-on, team-building activities. In addition to the weekly themed activities, students will participate in French-language immersion activities throughout the summer.

As during the regular school year, the classroom is mixed-age. As one commentator recently remarked about mixed-age learning experiences, “Older kids have the freedom to tarry in childhood a bit longer. Younger kids have a wise companion to help and teach them. Older children benefit from the responsibilities of leadership and nurturing. Young ones benefit from the attention and care of ‘the big kids.’”


7:30-9 a.m., Drop-off & free play

9-10 a.m., Team-building activities

11 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Learning activities

12:30-1:30 p.m., Lunch & recess

1:30-3:30 p.m., Learning activities

3:30-6 p.m., Free play, indoors and outdoors

*Day-to-day schedule is subject to change, based on student needs.


Miss Emmeline, Lead Teacher

Ms. Heather, School Secretary & Assistant Teacher

Mr. Jesse, School Principal & Technology Week Guest Teacher

Other assistant teachers, to be announced*

*KSPE is discussing summer employment with Mr. Ian, one of the students’ beloved favorites for the Summer Learning Program